I landed in London on the 6th and visited the main city for one and a half days, after which I proceeded to the more rural areas on the outskirts for another day. Visiting london, even for as short a time as I did was eye-opening; the absolute scale of the city is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

A train emerging from a tunnel in the London Underground.

I saw the London Eye, but I didn’t get the chance to go up. The line was endless, and I only had a short time in London.

The London Eye

While walking along the Thames, a man named Master Yogilaser was performing in the street. After performing many choreographed feats of flexibility, the finale was to be born again through a very small hole.

Master Yogilaser contorting himself through a small tube and into an acrylic box.
Yogilaser at work
Man sitting at a typewriter.
        Sign: Poet for hire, Pay what you like.
Poet for Hire, Pay what you Like
The Tower Bridge, London
Without a doubt the most recognizable bridge in London, a magnificent piece of architecture.
Statue: A team of soldiers gazing peacefully into the distance
From Mud, Through Blood, To The Green Fields Beyond.
A few of the 18 metal statues of primates.
Chimps Are Family

After spending a day in London, I hiked along back roads and footpaths to admire the countryside.

A horse wearing a blanket
Along the countryside there were many fields and pastures. This well-dressed fellow came up to me to say hello.
The six-mile marker to Newbury
Replaced by modern signage, these ancient stones were once used by travelers to navigate between towns.
Roadsign: Streetlights OFF Midnight to 5.30am
That kind of defeats the purpose... doesn't it?