I took a late bus to Bath, arriving early in the morning to check in for a few hours of sleep.

Pulteney Weir
Pulteney Weir

The city of Bath is absolutely amazing. There are so many old stone buildings, it looks like something out of a movie.

Interior, Bath Abbey
Inside the Abbey are many plaques for those buried nearby

I spent two days just walking around the city, absorbing the beautiful history. There are some walking paths on the surrounding hills that offer an amazing skyline view of the city.

A view of Bath's skyline
A truly breathtaking historical vista

Through fields and groves, across brooks; a refreshing nature walk just minutes outside the city center.

A beautiful grove of trees along the skyline walk
A gated forest path
Not a 30-minute walk from the city

After finding out that bathing is not allowed (something about a dangerous pathogen, whatever), I was unsure if I wanted to pay the admission fee. I’m glad I did, it was much more interesting than I expected.

Overlooking a large pool of water
The Great Bath, once covered by a high ceiling

There were numerous exhibits of various archaeological artefacts and sites. These baths were built in the first century, and had been used in various ways throughout history.

A collection of stone pieces
The temple pediment, visible to all who entered
The remains of a mask, now completely flattened
Once a mask used in religious ceremonies
A room with stacks of bricks spaced evenly in a square pattern
There was once a floor held on these pillars, and hot smoke was forced through to heat the tiles above