After Dijon, I went to France for a week. Staying in a central location meant that I could walk around a lot and see the many monuments. The hostel that I stayed with hosts events every night. There were a group of other travelers I met at a hostel event, and we hung out a lot.

I went to the Paris catacombs, which was a phenomenal experience. It was fascinating to see all the human bones, and learn about the history.

Selfie with the bones in the paris catacombs
Six million human remains

The Eiffel tower was really cool, if a bit underwhelming. The thing that photos of the Eiffel tower can’t portray is the size; it is HUGE.

It was nice to walk around with a group, and we went to see some other monuments, as well as the Louvre.

The Arc de Triomphe
Visiting the Louvre