The ferry from Brindisi to Vlore embarked at midnight. I didn’t expect there to be a lot of people on the ferry, but it turns out there are lots of Albanian expats who return home for Christmas, so the ferry was packed.

While I waited in line for customs, I was approached by two people. They said I didn’t look like a local, and I might appreciate some help and advice. They were absolutely correct, and we got along well. Named Vilson and Memo, they gave me tons of advice while we sat on the upper deck.

Once we made our port of call, they gave me a ride to the bus stop. From there I wandered around town for a few hours until my departure to Sarande. The bus ride was absolutely stunning. First we drove through the valley and up the mountain, then along the coastline all the way to Sarande. There were so many beautiful views the whole way there.